Feed your Body, Nurture your Soul, Change your Habits.

The 9-Step Path For Life Self Nourishment Program

How it Works: Personal One-on-One Counseling Sessions

Over the past decade working one-on-one with my clients, I developed the 9-Step Path For Life Self Nourishment Program which incorporates the 3 key elements essential for lasting personal transformation: Food Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit Shifting. Without all 3 of these elements together, change is a struggle against our Self, our habits, our desires, and our emotions. We use willpower to try to get us through, rather than being guided and supported by a profound understanding of how we can inherently transform.    

Food Knowledge:

Most diets don’t truly teach you about food – about how it affects your body and your emotions so that you can attain physical and emotional well-being. You may be presented with lots of information, but information is not knowledge, so you must rely on memory rather than on understanding.

I work with you to turn information into knowledge and wisdom so you will finally learn to truly understand how food affects you as a unique individual. So you can make choices that really work for you and help you feel better.


We need to want to change. This is where the 2nd key element of the 9-Step Program, Mindfulness, comes in. I work with you in our sessions to help you learn to know yourself better, why you do the things you do, and how your thoughts work for you — or against you —so you learn what’s driving you and your choices.

Habit Shifting:

The 3rd key element in the 9-Step Program is Habit Shifting. How many times have you thought it was enough just to decide to do something differently only to find yourself falling back into your old habits? Habits are so hard to change because they are so ingrained in us. I teach you the tools you need to create healthy new habits and lasting change to make your life better.

Together, these 3 key elements are what make the 9-Step Path for Life Self Nourishment Program such a powerful program for change. It consists of 9 sessions that are covered sequentially, 1 session every 2 weeks. You can choose this program after our initial consultation, when we will know if this is right for you. The one-on-one program is an opportunity to tailor the 9-steps specifically to your individual physical and emotional health concerns and personal challenges. It can work either as a complement to the online program or a personal coaching program.

Working with me for your personal transformation you will also have access to the online program. 

On the path, our senses are open and we engage in life with appreciation and care about the decisions we make.
— Sakyong Mipham
We can awaken to basic goodness, our birthright.
— Pema Chödrön
The more we know our Self, the more we know what we need to make a good change
— Jeanette Bronée