Feed your Body, Nurture your Soul, Change your Habits.

About Me

My mission is to help you take charge of your health by learning how food can be a healing relationship. That is is possible to get healthy and lose weight in a sustainable way. We already have the wisdom to take better care of ourselves within, we just don’t know how to listen to our own bodies, because we have lost the connection.

Rather than focusing on yet another diet, I focus on nourishment because shifts happen by changing our relationship with food, -and with ourselves.

I coach, write, teach, and speak publicly about the topic of self-care as the foundation for how we live, work, play, perform and thrive every day, -better.

In my private practice, Path for Life, I counsel one-on-one, to help you get mindful about what you need to move forward in your life and your health.

I also provide an online course to give more people access to tools that aid them in changing their habits and get healthy without dieting.

I recently published a book called EAT TO FEEL FULL, and nourish yourself for good, which is about what to eat to feel more satisfied from our food and how to cope with stress and stress eating to master our appetite and cravings.

How we transform our relationship with our Self, our body and our food is one of my primary topics, the other is how our emotional wellbeing affects our physical wellbeing (meta-health).
What matters the most to me every day is that I can help someone make changes that matter in their life.
— Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette Bronée, CHHC, AADP

Nourishment Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of Path for Life. Certified Integrative Nutrition & Meta-Medicine® Health Coach, Focusing Teacher & Hypnotherapist.  

Jeanette Bronée founded Path for Life in 2004 to bring awareness to our own power for healing by learning how our choices affect us. After both her parents died of cancer just one year apart, and being told it was not a matter of if she would get cancer too, but rather when, she pulled the plug on her career as a fashion executive to help women take charge of their health and live more nourished, empowered lives.

She found that while we might know what to do, we still don't. Our habits get in the way and our mindset makes us struggle to actually make the changes we crave.

She is dedicated to help her clients overcome disease with food as medicine, and guide those who struggle with emotional eating, to food-freedom and eating in peace.

"We heal when we learn how to align our daily choices with our health goals in a nourishing and sustainable way." This has been her core focus in her work with clients over the past 15 years. 

Working with her clients, she developed the 9-step Path For Life Self Nourishment Program, which gently guides and encourages her clients through the process of transforming their relationship with food, -and with themselves. 

The program integrates the 3 key elements essential for lasting change: Food Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit Shifting. 

Her integrative mind-body approach to nourishment is an integration of functional nutrition, (food is your medicine), Chinese medicine, emotional healing, and awareness of what drives our choices. It is educational, upbeat and non-dogmatic. She teaches how self-compassion and mindfulness are essential to learn how to shift and transform the daily self-care choices and habits that help us thrive.

Apart from working very personally one-on-one with her clients, she writes and is a motivational speaker. She wants everyone to know that change is possible and health is within our reach. The online Path for Life Self Nourishment Program is the first step in what she hopes will become a paradigm shift in how we learn to be truly nourished, healthy and happy rather than being stuck on diets.

More about Jeanette:

Jeanette is board certified with the AADP as an Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition since 2004, a Certified Meta-Health Master Practitioner, Certified Focusing Oriented Professional and Trainer, Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, and EFT practitioner. She is also certified in Connective Healing and Intuitive Counseling with Tom Monte, Trained in Macrobiotics and Energy Psychology and a certified professional Feng Shui Consultant.