Feed your Body, Nurture your Soul, Change your Habits.

Eat to Feel Full

and nourish yourself for good

Eat to Feel Full (and Nourish Yourself for Good) is a beginner’s guide to self-nourishment, offering a combination of food knowledge, insights into the habits that block our efforts to transform, and practical techniques for developing a mindful, healthy relationship with food. EAT TO FEEL FULL aims to help its readers feel better about eating, feel better after eating, and master their appetites, cravings and overall sense of well-being.

Self-nourishment coach, author, speaker and founder of Path for Life, Jeanette Bronée has 15 years of experience helping clients lose weight by overcoming their struggles with eating, without the restrictive nature of dieting. Her core belief is that when we focus on feeling healthy, vibrant and nourished, weight loss is just a welcome side effect. This handbook offers a condensed guide to the first step in her path to self-nourishment. With a focus on basic food knowledge— including a lucid explanation of the mechanics of hunger and digestion and an in-depth guide to the foods and eating habits that will help you stay satisfied longer after a meal.