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Emotional Eating

How to create a positive relationship with food when you struggle with OVEREATING, CRAVINGS & FOOD ADDICTIONS

Eating is an emotional experience. It is the very first experience of comfort we ever had. And it was sweet, warm, safe, and we were taken care of. We will forever seek to feel that way again. Being a grown-up we need to learn to self-soothe without over-indulging in food and that can be a challenge when we live under stress. Emotional eating is NOT shameful but it is a coping mechanism that does not work. To be healthy and happy we need to find new ways of eating to truly support and nourish us, while changing habits that helps us manage our stress, through self-love and self-care. That is Self-Nourishment. 

Is it our habits or is it emotional?

That can be confusing indeed. Our emotions play a crucial role in how we form and maintain our eating habits, and therefore our health. We adopt certain patterns to protect ourselves from our painful feelings. Food choices can be one of the ways we “avoid” what is really going on inside us. We all eat emotionally at various times in our lives. Stress, fear, anxiety, anger are emotions we all are familiar with, but we don't always know what to do with, so we eat. Or our food choices can be ruled by cravings, which can become compulsions and food addictions – getting us stuck in a daily struggle of overeating, binging and patterns of disorderly eating. Self-care is missing and in its absence we practice self-“discare” that can eventually lead to poor physical well-being, disease, as well as cycles of depression.

For us to truly change, heal, and become whole, we need to nurture our emotional well-being with positive, supportive patterns. If we don’t, changing eating and self-care habits will always be a struggle, and it tends to be a battle we loose over and over again. The psychology of eating is complex and involves a process of unraveling our ingrained habits and ways we cope with our emotions.

How does it work?

The Path for Life Program is a process that offers self-exploration, self-discovery, building self-awareness, and creating new ways to self-soothe. It is a gentle process of waking up to our true Selves by seeing, learning, listening and relating to our emotions in a self-compassionate way. Taking one step at a time, we can feel safe exploring what is holding us back from living to our full, healthy potential.

During the Path For Life Program you will learn how food affects your emotions and what your hunger is really telling you. We never really know what comes first: the emotion or the food. We will work together on both so you learn how to make choices that support not just you, but also your mood and emotions. 

  • You will learn about the healthy food choices you can make for comfort and self-soothing, so you can find your way through.
  • You will learn a perspective of positive eating — one that allows you to find the joy and true nurture in food rather than the feelings of denial and deprivation. 
  • You will learn how you can change feelings of depression, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation with new food and life-style choices. 
  • You will learn ways to shift to a more centered and balanced awareness — where you can work with your patterns in a constructive and supportive way and find solutions for a new, integrated way of living and eating. 
Our hearts can grow strong at the broken places.
— Jack Kornfield
We tend to focus on what we want to avoid rather than what we want to achieve
— Jeanette Bronée
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We tend to think our emotions are wrong and instead of asking them “what’s up”, we reject them. We would not do that to a friend, so why do we do it to our Self?
— Jeanette Bronée