Feed your Body, Nurture your Soul, Change your Habits.

Food and Cancer

Cancer Prevention, Feeling Better During Treatment, and Regaining Your Health after Cancer. 

When faced with a life-threatening diagnosis, the world changes in a split second. We ask ourselves “Now what?”. We need to shift many of our daily food choices, rituals, and habits. We need to find a new way of living life. Without guidance and support, this is a challenging task.

Path for Life helps you bridge the gap between your old lifestyle and finding natural comfort in a new approach to your food choices and lifestyle. I team up with you as you find your way on this journey of change, both during and after treatment. Changing your food choices and habits is a must, but that does not make it easy. I help you adopt new ways of nourishing and healing your body, your emotions, your lifestyle, and your habits.

Our emotional state is also a great part of our well-being. How we deal with past pain, anger, and trauma is extremely important. In mind/body medicine, the holistic and holographic view of our health and healing goes beyond the physical world of cancer and enters the meta-physical world. In such a journey, all areas of the Self are in involved in our healing. This is true for prevention, as has been my own path for 20 years, and also when diagnosed or post-treatment.

Path for Life is both an integrative healing method and a journey to discover your Self. I integrate a variety of modalities complementary to traditional treatment. This innovative approach empowers you to make informed choices for yourself and awaken to a mindful and powerful practice of self-nourishment.

I provide an inspiring and life-changing perspective on healing. I offer an approach that promotes strength and energy to live a life of quality…before, during and beyond cancer.

Let us live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the clarity of pure awakened mind.
— Matthieu Ricard