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Food and Weight

Weight-loss without Being on a Diet

Most of us have experienced that our weight is out of balance at some point in our lives. Some experience sudden weight-gain, some feel like they are always struggling to keep the pounds off, and some feel like they have been on a diet since they were teens. Much can contribute to difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight: maturing and aging can cause changes in our hormones, which lead to changes in our metabolism and difficulty in weight management. Seasonal changes may play a role. Being a teenager or young adult in school or college, where foods choices tend to be low nutrient / high calorie can affect our weight. Our general well-being and health is also a factor; having high levels of toxins and inflammation in our bodies as well as undiagnosed food intolerances can contribute to constant struggles with weight or issues such as under-active thyroid and slow metabolism.

Overeating, cravings, constant obsession with food, feeling undernourished and hungry all the time and not being able to control your appetite can cause distractions throughout the day, shame, and guilt. Emotional eating can be factor in balancing weight too. Often, we can’t see what is keeping us trapped in the cycle — we can only see that something is not working. We feel helpless as we keep gaining weight. Learning what and how to eat differently is essential to free yourself from this cycle.

The integration of Food Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit Shifting, or simply finding the culprit that is the root cause of your imbalances, will help shift this cycle.

With Path for Life you will learn:

  • How to manage your weight by learning how to choose your foods differently.

  • How food affects you is not about counting calories, but understanding nutrients.

  • How the quality of calories is important and how it affects your body’s metabolism and overall health.

  • How to feel empowered rather than dis-empowered by your own eating habits.

  • How to transform your relationship to food, the way you eat, and to yourself.

We can always begin again.
— Jack Kornfield
Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more alive you are.
— Arnaud Desjardins